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Spiber is working to turn the idea of a sustainable society into reality. We are looking for applicants who share our values and are ready to join us in our endeavor. You will find the application form below. Please complete the form and attach the required documents. You will receive a response by email in about one week. Please note that we do not accept applications by post at this time. Accordingly, please submit your application online by using this page.

Interview Process

Applicants who have successfully passed the document screening stage will undergo
the following interview process. Interviews will take approximately 30 minutes.
In some situations, additional follow­up interviews may also be carried out.

  • Initial Interview

    After deciding on a date and time, we will conduct an interview with you via Skype. (Special consideration may be provided if this is inconvenient for you.)

  • Final Interview

    After deciding on a date and time, we will conduct an inter-view with you at our company headquarters. (Special con-sideration may be provided if this is inconvenient for you.)

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    Format and file type is free. (Applicants who are applying for a child care related position must include an essay addressing the following topic: “Relationship with children.” Please write about an experience you had interacting with children. Be detailed, and include how this event made you feel and think. Length: 1000-1500 characters.)

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    Please mention any personal activities and life experiences. you feel may be relevant. Format and contents are free.

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