2018. 11. 28

Spiber announces plans to establish overseas mass production plant

Spiber Inc. is pleased to announce the planned construction of a mass production plant at the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Thailand. The new plant will allow for large-scale protein fermentation and purification operations, and represents Spiber’s latest step towards the mass production of its proprietary structural protein materials.

Details can be found here.

2018. 10. 09

Notice of investment in Synplogen Inc.

Spiber has invested 100 million yen in Synplogen Inc., and consequently Spiber’s Executive Officer Junichi Sugahara has been appointed as Representative Director of Synplogen from September 22, 2018. Synplogen is a DNA synthesis startup engaged in research and development of cutting edge DNA synthesis technologies, and offers DNA synthesis services as well.

The announcement from Synplogen can be read here (Japanese only).

2018. 09. 12

Goldwin SKI JACKET prototype nominated for the Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 award

Goldwin’s SKI JACKET prototype, which utilizes Spiber’s Q/QMONOS (logo)™ synthetic spider silk, has been nominated for the Fashion category of the Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 award, hosted by The Design Museum, London.

* Note:
 “Q/QMONOS (logo)™” is a trademark of Spiber Inc., registered in the US (registration number 5494811) and in the EU (registration number 012052684).

Details can be found here.

2018. 06. 12

Spiber selected for the J-Startup Program

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry has selected Spiber to participate in the J-Startup Program.

The J-Startup Program supports the creation of enterprises with the potential to compete on an international level. Through cooperation with both the public and private sectors, the program provides assistance for the overseas expansion of those enterprises with the potential to generate new social value through their revolutionary technological approaches or business models. Participation in the program will enable Spiber to further commit to its research and business development endeavours at the global level.

Details can be found here (Japanese only).

2018. 02. 15

Ski jacket prototype using Spiber's engineered spider silk material “Q/QMONOS (logo)™️” exhibited at world's largest winter sports exhibitions

As part of its business strategy for expanding global brand presence, Spiber’s partner GOLDWIN Inc. participated in the “Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2018” in Denver, USA, and “ISPO Munich 2018” in Munich, Germany.
At both events, GOLDWIN exhibited a new prototype ski jacket utilizing Spiber’s “Q/QMONOS(logo)™️” engineered spider silk material.

 “Q/QMONOS(logo)™️” is a trademark belonging to Spiber Inc., filed in the US (serial number 86028687) and registered in the EU (registration number 012052684).

Details can be found here.